Unleashing the Potential of Networking: Takeaways from the Data in Schools Conference for Educators

Success in Europe

In October, the International School of Amsterdam hosted the highly successful 2nd Data in Schools Conference, leaving educators invigorated and impassioned about the transformative power of data in education. This conference, centered around connecting schools and nurturing meaningful relationships, provided an engaging forum for educators passionate about data to come together and share their experiences.

The conference drew an impressive crowd, with 62 participants representing 31 schools and hailing from 19 countries, including attendees from as far as Japan. This diverse assembly underscored the global relevance and increasing significance of data in the educational landscape.

Conference Feedback

A special part of the conference was getting to make real connections with other professionals. People really liked talking to others who use information to make decisions. They thought it was a great chance to meet new people, share ideas, and work together on future projects. Since working with information can sometimes be a lonely job, the conference was a good place to build friendships, learn from each other, and plan for the future.

The overwhelming positive feedback from participants is a testament to the conference’s impact, with 78% expressing an interest in coming back again. 91% of participants said they would recommend the conference to their colleagues, underscoring the value of the conference. Survey responses highlighted the conference’s significance and the wealth of invaluable experiences gained by all participants.

The conference boasted distinguished keynote speakers, whose thought-provoking insights on data in schools enriched the dialogue and provided a view of leveraging data for educational enhancement. Their compelling presentations ignited discussions and motivated attendees to explore asking the right questions about the data we collect and not to forget the outliers, or the margins, in our schools. 

Moving Forward

Despite its success, constructive feedback was received to enhance future editions. Attendees advocated for a dedicated strand targeting senior leadership, recognizing the pivotal role of decision-makers in steering data-driven initiatives. In response to diverse learning preferences, there was a clear demand for more hands-on workshops. Interactive sessions, participants emphasized, would empower them with practical skills and insights, fostering a deeper comprehension of data utilization in educational settings.
Furthermore, attendees expressed a desire for authentic narratives from schools, spotlighting successful data applications and the reasons behind their effectiveness. These real-world anecdotes would serve as practical guides, inspiring educators to implement impactful data strategies in their own schools.
As we reflect on the success of this conference, anticipation mounts for the upcoming event. The next Data in Schools Conference is scheduled to take place at the American Embassy School in Delhi on February 29th and March 1st, 2024. We are eager to continue facilitating connections, expanding knowledge, and harnessing the transformative power of data in education. Stay updated on conference details and registration information by visiting the Data in Schools website.
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