Smith Visualizations: Transforming data into information in an educational context

I love helping educators make data useful.

Connect Google Calendar to Data Studio

Radhika Zahedi
Radhika Zahedi
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I loved how systematically the course material was organized! It was so easy to follow Chris' instructions for both Google Sheet Queries and Data Studio. And having access to sample data was immensely helpful - it allowed me to create my own dashboards as I moved forward in the course.
Ryan Gravette
Ryan Gravette
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Chris is meticulous in explaining the formulas and setup of the various tabs in his example spreadsheets. I love how the training is focused on individuals in the education field.
Declan Burke
Declan Burke
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The workshop gave me the impetus to get started with Google Data Studio and visualize data that we have been collecting for years. I now have several projects in the pipeline where we will create actionable visualizations to improve teaching and learning.

Data Visualization

Do you have too much data and don't know what to do with it? Do your teachers struggle to understand all of the student data they collect? Let me help you make sense of it.


Do you need help with a grade level or divisional data? I can help your staff and students understand how to use data and turn it into information.

Data Coaching

I am passionate about working with educators to help them use data to inform instruction.


Are you working on a data project and need to brainstorm or have a sounding board? I'm here to help.


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