Let me help you make sense of your data

Transforming data into information in an educational context

This is how I can help

Data Visualization

Do you have too much data and don't know what to do with it? Do your teachers struggle to understand all of the student data they collect? Let me help you make sense of it.


Do you need help with a grade level or divisional data? I can help your staff and students understand how to use data and turn it into information.


Do you have specific questions or a specific situation? Do you prefer bespoke guidance?

Data Coaching

Do you need support with creating a culture of data or having conversations about data? I am passionate about working with educators to help them use data to inform instruction.

Workshops & Courses

I offer learning opportunities and courses throughout the year. If you want me to come and present at a conference or come to your school, please reach out and contact me.  I’d love to hear more about it.


What other educators say

Great teams I work with

These are some of the school districts and organizations I have worked with over the years.


I write about different ways data is used in schools.  Here you will find walkthroughs and great examples of real dashboards being used right now.