Chris Smith
Chris Smith

About Chris

Chris Smith is a Data & Innovation Specialist and Elementary Technology Coach at Singapore American School.

He has 17 years of experience as a classroom teacher, mainly in grades K-4. Chris is a Google Innovator, an Apple Distinguished Educator, and an Apple Professional Learning Specialist.

He has a passion for making the lives of teachers easier by creating automated systems for mundane tasks.

Chris helps build online dynamic dashboards that help teachers understand their students through both internal and external assessments.

He also enjoys working with students to unleash their creativity beyond copy and paste from online resources.

He is a life-long learner and continues to search for new innovations to allow both teachers and students to be creative. 

Chris has a background in data visualization and is a member of the data team at Singapore American School. In his spare time, he enjoys curling up next to a good spreadsheet.

This is a table of skills and proficiency levels among those skills


Google Certified Educator Level 1
Google Certified Educator Level 2
Google Certified Innovator

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