Do you want to learn about Data Studio but can't find anything for educators?

Learn how to use basic skills in Google Data Studio so you can visualize your data and turn it into useful information for your teachers and students.

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    Chris Smith

    Data & Innovation Specialist

    Who am I?

    After being a classroom teacher for 17 years, I have moved into my current role as an educational data specialist. I work directly with the central administration, coaches, teachers and students. I serve on a data team and I am in charge of the academic side of data collection.

    What will you learn?

    • Set up your data spreadsheets to connect to Data Studio
    • Understand how to adjust basic formatting of charts, text, shapes, page layouts, and page views
    • Create basic charts such as tables, bar charts, line charts and score cards
    • Use themes for consistent look and feel
    • Create interactive filters for exploratory data
    • Learn how to share your dashboard with others via email, link, or downloadable PDF